Trauma Distinction recognizes trauma systems or networks that demonstrate clinical excellence and an outstanding commitment to leadership in trauma care

Trauma Distinction is available to existing clients who are already part of the Qmentum accreditation program.

Developed in partnership with the Trauma Association of Canada, Accreditation Canada’s Trauma Distinction program promotes a coordinated, systemic approach to trauma, beginning with pre-hospital care and continuing through hospital care and rehabilitation. It consists of specialized standards, protocols, and performance indicators that support excellence and innovation.


Why Trauma Distinction?

  • Mitigate risk and reduce the high cost of errors
  • Identify opportunities to standardize care and improve efficiency across your network
  • Focus on excellence and innovation in trauma care

Demonstrate your commitment to quality in trauma care

  • Promote improved patient outcomes
  • Strengthen staff recruitment and retention
  • Support the acquisition of research funding
  • Showcasing your network’s innovative trauma care

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