Simulated Survey

Assess your practices against assessment standards and prepare your staff for the survey

On-site or virtual, 1-5 day(s). Customizable to your needs. Availability and format varies by jurisdiction.

The Simulated Survey helps health service providers assess current organizational practices against Accreditation Canada’s accreditation standards and get ready for their upcoming survey.

Led by an experienced Accreditation Canada surveyor, mock tracers are conducted at various levels of your organization, including leadership, management and point of care, to measure how your processes and systems perform against a set of standards or priority areas pre-selected by you.

The surveyor will identify strengths and opportunities for improvement and present their findings in a debriefing session. Health service providers can also choose to receive a written report with an overview of its performance and additional insight about the accreditation process, quality improvement, and safety. The report will contain recommendations and suggestions that will help you achieve your quality improvement objectives.

What is a tracer?
A tracer is a method used to evaluate organizations against accreditation standards. It follows the path of a patient or process, asking questions and making observations to determine if the standards are met.

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Track QI progress, identify strengths & opportunities for improvement

Familiarize staff, board and other stakeholders with the survey process

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Determine readiness for your upcoming survey

How it works

  1. Requirements Call – A Training & Education Advisor will work with you to understand your needs and determine the focus of the simulated survey
  2. Sourcing – We will identify an expert from our pool of over 500 Surveyors to match the needs of the simulated survey
  3. Kickoff call – We will host a call to introduce the team and work together to build the agenda
  4. Simulated Survey – The Surveyor will perform the simulated survey, providing real-time education and feedback as they go and more formally during a debrief at the end, with time for Q&A
  5. Optional Report – Following the simulated survey, upon your request, we will produce a written report detailing our findings and recommendations

Note: Performing a Simulated Survey does not guarantee that an organization will achieve accreditation or a particular decision level. It is intended as an educational session only.

“The walk through of our unit was very helpful. Not only did it give us a better understanding of the survey, it also helped identify some issues in advance that we could work on prior to our survey”

– Director of Care, Hospital

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