Stroke Distinction

Stroke Distinction

Stroke Distinction helps organizations improve and stand out as leaders in stroke care

Heart & Stroke

Stroke Distinction is a rigorous and highly specialized program developed in partnership with Heart and Stroke, Canada which follows standards that are based on the Canadian Stroke Best Practices, and in‑depth, stroke-specific performance indicators and protocols.


Showcase Excellence in Stroke Care

Stroke Distinction:

  • Helps you implement stroke protocols and meet performance indicators that identify critical aspects of high-quality stroke care
  • Helps strengthen staff recruitment and retention
  • Supports the acquisition of research funding
  • Offers an on-site visit from expert evaluators who have extensive practical experience in stroke services

Improve Efficiency & Outcomes

Stroke Distinction helps optimize scarce resources by:

  • Mitigating risk, which reduces the high cost of errors
  • Identifying opportunities to standardize care and improve efficiency
  • Focusing on excellence and innovation, client and family education, effective protocols, and implementing the Canadian Stroke Best Practices

Stroke Distinction in Action: University Health Network, Toronto Rehab

UHN – Toronto Rehab has participated in Accreditation Canada’ Stroke Distinction program since 2010, receiving the stroke distinction award three times.

Since beginning their participation, they have demonstrated significant improvements in key quality and safety indicators:

Chart showing improvement in UHN Toronto Rehab's stroke indicators between 2010 and 2017

In addition to these measurable improvements, staff have reported that Stroke Distinction has allowed them to stay on top of Canadian Stroke Best Practices, helped them improve upon their current practices, and has helped the organization showcase it’s excellence in stroke care.

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