Accreditation for Primary Care Services

Note: Availability of programs varies by jurisdiction.

Primary care is a priority for ministries of health worldwide. Health systems based on a strong orientation towards primary health care have better and more equitable outcomes, are more efficient, have lower health care costs, and achieve higher client satisfaction. As governments work to improve primary care services, Accreditation Canada’s program can help meet system-wide demands and reduce the challenges health care organizations are facing when providing first level care to patients, families and communities.

Increase efficiency and control costs

The Qmentum program will help you improve outcomes and drive positive impact by:

  • Mitigating risk, which reduces the high cost of errors
  • Identifying opportunities to standardize care and improve efficiency
  • Enhancing cross-functional and multidisciplinary team work
  • Building a strong network between staff, patients, community partners, other health service providers and the public

Relevant standards for your health system

Primary health care is the system of health care services that provide care at the first point of contact with the health system, and typically include:

  • Primary care
  • Public health
  • Teletriage
  • Emergency medical services
  • Community health services such as home care

Primary health care services are usually community based and are offered outside traditional acute and specialized health services. Primary health care focuses on health promotion, disease and injury prevention, care and management of health.

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