Accreditation for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Interfacility Transport

Available only to organizations located outside of Canada.

Participation in Accreditation Canada’s program for EMS and Interfacility Transport promotes a quality improvement approach to accreditation that develops organizational capacity, demonstrates accountability, facilitates changes management, and improves communication and team building.

Make an impact

Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum program supports EMS and interfacility transport organizations to:

  • Identify opportunities to standardize care and improve efficiency
  • Recognize areas of excellence
  • Decrease the high cost of errors
  • Prevent infection and reduce risk
  • Provide safer and more effective care

Up-to-date and relevant standards

Accreditation Canada’s Emergency Medical Services and Interfacility Transport Standards cover pre-hospital emergency health services, patient transport, transport planning, and community paramedicine. The standards address the care and transport of adults, children, and infants. These standards are intended for organizations providing the following services:

  • Ground emergency medical services (public or private)
  • Air emergency medical services (public or private)
  • Interfacility transport (emergent and non-emergent)
  • Emergency communication services (emergency call taking and ambulance dispatch)


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