Reports 2014

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Building a stronger health system through leadership
Canadian Health Accreditation Report 

Effective and committed leadership in Canadian health care organizations is critical to success in today’s rapidly changing health care environment. Sustaining the health system requires strong leadership, capable of leading significant change and transformation. Read the report →


Safety in Canadian Health Organizations
Report on Required Organizational Practices

Accreditation Canada conducted 330 on-site surveys as part of the Qmentum accreditation program at Canadian health care and social services organizations in 2013. This report focuses on the Required Organizational Practices results from those surveys. Read the report →


Preventing Falls: From Evidence to Improvement in Canadian Health Care
A collaboration from Accreditation Canada/the Canadian Institute for Health Information/the Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Falls among seniors have become a significant health concern in Canada. Falls are experienced by more than one third of seniors and can have a devastating physical and psychological impact resulting in disability, chronic pain, loss of independence, reduced quality of life, and even death. Read the report →


Making Care Safer from Hospital to Home Care
A collaborative report from Accreditaiton Canada and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Whether it is inside the operating room or inside our homes, the last decade has brought advances in health care technology, evolving disease patterns, and an aging population—making the delivery of health care in Canada more complex.  Read the report