Qmentum Long-Term Care Accreditation Program

Simplifying and improving accreditation for long-term care homes by introducing the next generation of Qmentum

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How to provide safe and quality care along with the best experience for residents?

Canadians are living longer‐in their senior years; they face a variety of health conditions that are often chronic and complex requiring careful coordination across multiple care providers. Long‐term care homes are at the center of these dynamics and must proactively embrace approaches that ensure the best outcomes for residents, staff and families. This is done by ensuring safe, reliable and quality services while instilling trust and confidence in the provision of these services for clients.

Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum Long-Term Care accreditation program helps providers meet global standards, putting mechanisms in place that lead to safe and effective care.

Our program will support building a culture of continuous quality improvement in long‐term care homes using clear language that is easily understood by residents, families, caregivers, front‐line staff and management.

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What is Qmentum® Long-Term Care program?

The Qmentum® Long-Term Care program supports LTC homes as they embark on a continuous journey of safety and quality improvement to provide safe, reliable and high-quality care for their residents. Founded on principles of people-centred care, the program provides LTC homes with relevant assessment tools, methods, and resources to properly assess, monitor, enhance accountability, and accelerate improvements against evidence-informed standards.

Key Features of the Qmentum® Long-Term Care Program:

  • Assessment Tool: A new, comprehensive assessment tool customized for LTC homes. Developed in consultation with LTC subject matter experts and patient partners, the assessment tool addresses important domains that are relevant to LTC homes, such as governance, leadership, infection prevention and control, medication management, emergency management, delivery of care, and resident care experience.
  • New and Enhanced Survey Instruments: The program features two survey instruments, the results of which will provide useful insights and offer LTC homes a unique, overall view of a wide range of critical topics. LTC homes should review the survey instruments and the assessment methods results as complementary pieces of information.
  • Learning and Training Resources: Will empower LTC homes on their quality improvement journey as they build capacity and establish an “accreditation ready, every day” approach to assessments.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement: The program is designed to focus on progressive learning approaches through continuous quality improvement (CQI). With this new model, LTC homes are able to pace the accreditation program requirements and activities over the four phases of the program cycle. As a result, LTC homes are better able to maintain a sustainable focus on planning, implementing, and evaluating improvements.
  • Digital Platforms: LTC homes enrolled in the Qmentum® Long-Term Care program will be provided with access to cloud based, secure, digital platforms to successfully prepare for and complete the required activities for each phase of the continuous accreditation cycle. The platforms allow LTC homes to monitor and drive their quality improvement journey through quality improvement action planning, reporting tools, and results dashboards.

Why Qmentum® Long-Term?

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Resident and Family-Centred Design

The Qmentum® Long-Term Care program is co-designed with subject matter experts, people with lived experiences of receiving and/or providing care and other relevant stakeholders. The co-design process purposefully includes the voice of allto ensure that the outcomes of the program reflect and meet the needs of people within the participating LTC homes as well as the residents it serves.

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Healthy and Competent Workforce

The Qmentum® Long-Term Care program helps LTC homes understand how they can support and maintain a healthy LTC workforce, ensuring that they receive the training they require, that they are provided with appropriate and safe working conditions, and that they are supported in their day-to-day interactions to enable them to provide the highest quality of mindful and purposeful LTC services to residents and families.


Tailored Reporting

Consolidated reports providing valuable insights on progress, strengths and areas of improvement to improve over time that will contribute to an organizations Quality Improvement Action Plans (QIAP).

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Experienced Client Engagement Team and Expert Peer Surveyors

Accreditation Canada’s client engagement teams, along with the expertise of dedicated LTC peer surveyors, provide insights and knowledge from over 60 years of experience supporting healthcare and social services organizations.

An accreditation program that meets today’s challenges

  • Assessment manual written using clear language that is easily understood by residents, families, caregivers, front‐line staff and management.
  • A set of tools and instruments that measure resident satisfaction, employee engagement, and culture and safety.
  • Criteria promotes the use of best practice.
  • A new attestation assessment methodology that empowers long‐term care homes to complete their assessment.
  • A new powerful, simple and intuitive cloud software.
  • Development of tools and data which can contribute to a quality dashboard.
  • Employs and emphasizes principles of safety, quality and ‘what is right for me’.
  • Tailored reports that enable long‐term care homes to identify strengths and improvements opportunities to deliver safe and quality care to residents.
  • Empowerment of staff to instill a culture of continuous quality improvement through expert guidance, support, learning and networking.
  • As with all Accreditation Canada programs, we provide support and guidance for long‐term care homes to progress along their continuous improvement journey.

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