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Quality and momentum in one comprehensive package

The Qmentum accreditation program is designed to focus on quality and safety throughout all aspects of an organization`s services—from governance and leadership to direct care and infrastructure—to the benefit of patients, clients, residents, staff and volunteers.

Qmentum follows a similar process to the Accreditation Primer, but uses a broader range of standards and offers a more in-depth assessment.

There are four sets of standards at the core of the program:

  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Medication Management

Most clients use these system-wide standards, customized to fit their needs, plus other standards that apply to the services they offer.

Throughout the program, there are clear steps and milestones along the way:

  • Become familiar with the program resources (standards and education materials)
  • Participate in education and training
  • Administer the self‐assessment (optional) and the performance measure instruments (Worklife Pulse Tool, Canadian Patient Safety Culture Survey Tool, and Governance Functioning Tool)
  • Take action on processes and practices identified as needing improvement
  • Undertake the on-site survey, which can last anywhere from two to five days, depending on the size of the organization and the services offered
  • Receive the Qmentum accreditation decision and Accreditation Report
  • Use the results to guide ongoing quality improvement activities

Learn more. Email learnmore@accreditation.ca.