Telling the world that your organization is accredited

Organizations receiving an accreditation award from Accreditation Canada have worked hard to meet standards to deliver safe, high-quality care. Because better quality means better care. Accreditation Canada provides its accredited organizations with a variety of methods to show this prestigious achievement to client and families, stakeholders, funders and their community.


The accredited organization and its sites are each entitled to receive an accreditation certificate showing the accreditation level and length of status, the legal name of the accredited organization, as registered with Accreditation Canada, and the city, province or territory where it is located.

Accredited organizations can order additional certificates by contacting their Accreditation Specialist.

Seal of accreditation

The Seal of accreditation may be displayed on websites, letterhead, reports, business cards, or any promotional or marketing materials. The electronic files are provided in different formats to accommodate graphic and printing needs. The seal must be used proportionately and not modified or amended in any way. It may be displayed in black and white or using Accreditation Canada’s corporate colours of PMS 202 (red) and PMS 7503 (gold).

The electronic seal is immediately made available to organizations along with their accreditation decision letter. Accredited organizations can request the seal by contacting their Accreditation Specialist.


The banner is available in two versions: outdoor and indoor. Accredited organizations can order banners by contacting their Accreditation Specialist.

Communications Kit

The communications kit provides useful tips on how best to communicate your accreditation award to staff, clients, families, stakeholders and the community. It includes key messages and direction on how to accurately describe your accreditation decision as well as sample and templated news releases, social media content and website messaging.

You can download your copy of the communications kit through your client portal.

Public Brochure

The public brochure is a great tool to inform your clients, families and members of the public about the accreditation process and why it matters. The brochure is available in electronic format for you to print and can be downloaded here.

Terms of Use

By choosing to display one or all of these items organizations agree to comply with the following terms and conditions, which are also outlined in the accreditation service agreement.


Accreditation Canada owns all rights to the certificate, banner, seal of accreditation, communications kit and public brochure.

Accredited Status

Accreditation Canada grants the accredited organization the right to display the certificate, banner and seal of accreditation as long as the client organization remains accredited by Accreditation Canada. Clients agree to display the banner and certificates that correspond to their level of achievement: Accredited with Exemplary Standing, Accredited with Commendation, Accredited.


In the event that the client organization’s accredited status changes, expires, is revoked, or the organization withdraws from the program, the client organization is required to immediately remove any indication that it is accredited by Accreditation Canada.

Displaying the Certificate of Accreditation

The certificate of accreditation must only be displayed at accredited sites. For instance, when an accredited organization opens a new site after its survey, the new site is not eligible to display a certificate of accreditation even though the organization is accredited.

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