Qmentum Program Update 2020

February 5, 2020

Information for: Version 14 Qmentum Program

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to continuous quality improvement. Accreditation Canada is committed to inspiring people to make positive change that improves the quality of health and social services in Canada so that organizations, like yours, can reach new heights to provide safe, reliable care.

In partnership with our affiliate Health Standards Organization (HSO) we continue to co-design innovative and integrated solutions for those around the world who strive to improve the quality of health and social services in their local jurisdictions. We are constantly working to enhance our products and services while introducing new offerings including: new standards, new software and new assessment methodologies.

For organizations using Version 14 of the Qmentum Program standards, please read on for important updates regarding our 2020 standards.

From the entire Accreditation Canada team, we look forward to continuing to work with your organizations to integrate quality and safety practices into your daily operations to enable a culture of continuous quality improvement.


Asmita Gillani

Executive Director, Canadian Accreditation

Accreditation Canada



As an official Standards Development Organization (SDO) designated by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), our affiliate, HSO, follows a rigorous standard development process. Once a new or revised HSO standard has gone through the Public Review process, and is approved by its relevant Technical Committee, it is published to the HSO website to be purchased by organizations around the globe. It is important to note that a published standard needs to go through a further process to apply assessment methodology and tagging of criteria within the standard. (e.g. Required Organizational Practices (ROP), high priority), priority process, and assessment method (on-site or attestation). The final version of the standard is then ready for assessment for our clients.

Organizations currently using Version 14 of the Qmentum program standards now have access to the assessment standards listed below. Supporting documentation including the ROP Handbook, a crosswalk between the previous standards and updated standards are available in your client portal.

  • Medication Management (For Surveys in 2021)
  • Medication Management for Community-Based Organizations (For Surveys in 2021)1

1For organizations using the Medication Management for Remote Isolated Health Services or the Managing Medications in Aboriginal Substance Misuse Services standards, they have been combined within the new Medication Management for Community-Based Organizations standard.



We will continue to use the Program Updates landing page on the Accreditation Canada website to keep you informed of the timelines for new assessment standards and other important program updates. This page is the primary source for information relevant to your organization.