Program Update: September 2018

September 6, 2018

Welcome to our program update landing page. Here you will find information on current and future updates on our program and services. This page also includes answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the decision to hold the rollout of the new IT platform*.

Our commitment to you:

Organizations being surveyed in 2019 and 2020 will not be adversely impacted by this decision and onsite surveys will not be affected. If you feel this decision is negatively affecting your organization, please contact your Accreditation Lead or Coordinator.

Improving our communications with you:

 Moving forward, we will improve our communications by introducing this dynamic web page to:

  • host new updates and FAQs
  • grow over time into a comprehensive real-time communication tool for all our services
  • subscribe to email program updates using the form on the right

As well as webinars to:

  • highlight current leading practices and include additional information on future program updates starting this fall

*In this context, the term ‘new IT platform’ refers to a new client portal, along with the functionalities that it would accompany it (e.g. new self-assessment tool, Internal Quality Audits, Instruments, etc.).


FAQs Section

FAQs have been updated and can be found here.