Follow-Up #7: Accreditation Canada Client Portal

August 28, 2019

We sincerely appreciate your patience as our team continues to resolve technical issues.

Please be advised the following functionalities have been restored:

1) Ability to Download Instrument Results

2) Ability to Download Self-Assessment Results

3) Ability to Download Online Survey Reports

Now that these functions have been restored, the user interface within the portal may appear slower than usual due to a large volume of clients accessing their documents simultaneously.

As we continue to gradually restore portal functionality, we would also like to remind any organizations with evidence submission deadlines after June 16, 2019 that they will receive an extension and will be notified with the specific timeframe once this functionality is available for clients on the portal. Please note, our review and response to the evidence submission may be delayed.

We again apologize that this situation has transpired and will continue to update you on a bi-weekly basis, notifying you immediately of any significant progress.

Should you have any questions, please contact