Patient Partners Observe Surveyor Training at Hôpital Montfort

April 28, 2017

Surveyors MonfortNew Accreditation Canada (AC) surveyors participated in surveyor training at Hôpital Montfort in early April.

This was the first time patient partners have been included in the surveyor training process. Two patient partners working with AC to co-design the role patients will eventually play in the accreditation process were at Montfort to observe the surveyor training. “That’s what was new this time,” said Dr. Bernard Leduc, President and CEO at Hôpital Montfort.

In a telephone interview, Leduc noted that studies have shown that including patients in the co-creation of health services improves the quality of care. “We see them as partners in the constant improvement of our quality of care,” Leduc said.

He added that surveyors are an important part of the assessment process as they identify what an organization is doing right but also, identify areas that can be improved upon. “It’s one thing for us to say we meet the standards,” Leduc said. “But when surveyors come in, they can confirm that we meet the standards and also, show us where there is still room for improvement.” Leduc noted that the surveyor visit is an “important element” of Montfort’s constant pursuit of exemplary care.

The recent move to include patient partners as observers on the surveyor training at Montfort follows on AC’s – and its affiliate Health Standards Organization (HSO)’s – mission to be People Powered; working to make patient partners part of our DNA.

People Powered is an area of practice that is dedicated to providing products and services that enable health organizations to activate people-centred care. People-centred care is an approach to people-provider engagements that has been adopted by institutions, accrediting bodies and governments around the world. In January 2015, AC revised the Qmentum program standards to include person-centred care.

AC and HSO believe that better results and outcomes are achieved when initiatives are conducted in partnership with patients. Through patients’ first-hand experiences of health care and services, a tremendous amount of insight can be gained.

Leduc noted that Montfort has been part of AC’s accreditation program and surveyor training process for a number of years. He said that Montfort, in the middle of a move and a significant construction project in 2008, was one of the first hospitals to be accredited through AC’s Qmentum program.

Montfort’s first visit by surveyors in training, Leduc said, took place in 2012, shortly after the new hospital opened. “We had lots of people to train and obviously, we wanted to position ourselves for the success of the organization,” he said. “Also, we wanted to show that we provide care of the highest standards here at Montfort.”

Leduc added that he did his practical surveyor training at Montfort and that the hospital has three surveyors on staff at all times. He also noted that over the years, Montfort has been the training ground for surveyors from other countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico and Serbia.

Leduc said that the accreditation process brings value not only to the health organization being surveyed/accredited, but to patients as well.

“The accreditation process demonstrates certain levels of concern related to the quality of services and the criteria that are met [by the health organization],” Leduc said. “It encourages the facility to commit to the improvement of its standards and also, assures patients that the services have to meet quality standards.”

Dr. Leduc has been CEO at Hôpital Montfort since January 2010. He sits on many Boards of Trustees, including HSO’s Board of Directors. Located in Ottawa, Ont., Montfort is a francophone acute care academic hospital.