News from the Middle East

December 20, 2019

People-Centred Care
in Qatar

Accreditation Canada Shares Expertise with 800 Conference Attendees in Doha

Qatar has embarked on an ambitious plan to improve the quality of its health care system by 2022 and Accreditation Canada is pleased to be a partner in this endeavour to place the patient at the forefront of all health care services.

We are motivated by a strong desire to help people around the world unleash the power of quality health services, and to that end our International Accreditation team travelled to Doha, Qatar, for the fifth edition of Qatar Patient Safety Week, from September 15-21.

The theme for this year was “Raise Your Voice for Patient Safety”, coinciding with the World Health Organization’s first Patient Safety Day on Sept. 17, a campaign to create awareness of patient safety and urge everyone to show their commitment to making health care safer for all.

Karen Medina, Healthcare Improvement Advisor for International Accreditation, is an expert in Patient-Centred Care who has worked with the National institute of Excellence in Health as well as Social Services Canada. She provides assessments and delivers recommendations based on best practices and enablers of success for people-centred care.

Her role with Accreditation Canada is to develop and deliver People-Centred Care training sessions. As one of six international speakers to this year’s Qatar Patient Safety Week, she shared with the nearly 800 attendees how Accreditation Canada and Health Standards Organization are integrating patients and their families in the design and development of health standards.

Alia Ghareeb Banna, Primary Health Care Corporation’s Quality Improvement and Accreditation Director, shared with conference attendees how and why her organization chose to embrace Accreditation Canada’s people-centred care activities in its daily practices and how our partnership brings beneficial outcomes to the people it serves.

Dr. Hana Al Kuwari, Qatar’s Minister of Public Health, addressed the conference and stressed how important it was to tackle the fear of speaking up. Qatar’s national health strategy, she said, “will enable us to deliver a genuinely integrated model of care that strives to maintain well-being, while making sure that people receive well-coordinated care, delivered in a professional and safe environment at the appropriate level.”

A strategic vision for people-centred care is critical for Qatar. Building on its two decades in the Middle East, Accreditation Canada will use its experience to help Qatar fulfil its goals.

Fostering Connections
in Kuwait

A Comprehensive Overview of What We Do

On September 26, Accreditation Canada held a comprehensive overview of Health Standards Organization’s Leadership for Health Services in Kuwait.

The one-day session was led by Accreditation Canada’s Dr. Ali Hojjati, Bassel El Sayegh and Nada Elnabelsya. It provided an overview of how standards are developed, and it explained how our designation as a standard development organization by the Standards Council of Canada ensures the highest quality for the standards that form the backbone of our accreditation program.

We are grateful for the feedback for both Health Standards Organization and Accreditation Canada. Participants were engaged, enthusiastic and open to sharing their experiences.

This session has had a tremendous impact on the public review of our Leadership standards and fostered a stronger connection between Accreditation Canada and its clients. Both Accreditation Canada and Health Standards Organization encourage international participants to join HSO’s technical committees. To learn more about this opportunity to contribute to the development of standards, please contact

Wara Hospital Commits
to Quality Improvement
and Patient Safety

Kuwait City Hospital Signs onto Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum International

On September 26 in Kuwait City, in the presence of Canadian Ambassador to Kuwait Louis-Pierre Émond, Wara Hospital formally signed onto Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum International program. Wara Hospital joins an elite group of organizations embarking on a health care accreditation journey in collaboration with Accreditation Canada.

“We are glad to be a part of Qmentum International, the widely well recognized health care accreditation program,” Dr. Ghanima Alomer, CEO of Wara Hospital said. “Here in Wara Hospital we are aiming to be leaders in the private health care sector, by adopting safe, effective, patient-centred, timely, efficient and equitable services.”

AC’s Qmentum International program is an ongoing process of evaluating health care and social services organizations against standards of excellence. This program identifies what organizations are doing well and how they can continuously improve.

AC will work with Wara Hospital throughout a four-year accreditation cycle, reviewing evidence related to unmet criteria, providing feedback, and monitoring standards and practices to ensure the organization performs at the expected level. To facilitate this process, AC enlists expert surveyors that are health care professionals in senior clinical or administrative roles who work in other accredited organizations. The survey findings are then reviewed thoroughly by the AC team before an accreditation decision and full report are issued.

“Accreditation Canada is committed to working side-by-side with organizations to build capacity and progress on their quality improvement journeys. We look forward to working with our clients in the Gulf region as they focus on offering safe and effective care that supports quality health services for all,” said Leslee Thompson, CEO of Health Standards Organization and Accreditation Canada.