Hôpital Montfort Becomes First Organization to Receive a Certificate of Participation in the Official Languages Recognition Program

January 27, 2023

Accreditation Canada celebrates Hôpital Montfort’s achievement as the first organization to receive a certificate of participation in the Official Languages Recognition Program (OLRP).

OLRP is an iterative quality improvement process enabling organizations to better serve their communities. It recognizes organizations for their contributions toward providing equitable care for all. And it empowers organizations to leverage evidence-based best practices for language accessibility and adaptability to multiple languages.

“I would like to thank every member of the team, from the bottom of my heart, for their dedication to this continuous improvement process and to the safety and quality of care for our patients,” said Dr. Bernard Leduc, President and CEO of Montfort, during a small celebration to which the staff members were invited.

“I am especially proud that we are the first organization in Canada to receive a certificate of participation in the Official Languages Recognition Program. It goes without saying that this is a very symbolic recognition for Montfort.”

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About Montfort

Hôpital Montfort is Ontario’s Francophone Academic Hospital, offering exemplary person-centred care. The hospital serves over 1.2 million people in Eastern Ontario, in both official languages. In 2022, it earned Accreditation with Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada, and is the first francophone host as the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario’s flagship Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO).