First Health Care Organization Becomes Accredited in Morocco

February 27, 2023

Accreditation Canada (AC) celebrates Sheikh Zaid International University Hospital becoming Morocco’s first health care organization to become accredited through the Qmentum International program.

Sheikh Zaid International University Hospital offers an extensive scope of inpatient and outpatient services, including emergency, intensive care, surgery, oncology, laboratory, and diagnostic. The university hospital advances excellence through technology with a focus on research and education.

“This international recognition demonstrates the commitment of Sheikh Zaid International University Hospital to quality care and its desire to comply with the safest practices based on international standards,” said Professor Adil Ababou, Director General of Sheikh Zaid International University Hospital, during the accreditation celebration in Morocco in the presence of Khalid Aït Taleb, Morocco’s Minister of Health.

The recognition of the hospital through accreditation demonstrates alignment with the national objectives of adopting holistic people-centred approaches to health care and improving the quality of the health services provided by private and public health establishments.

“The next step will be to include the other hospitals of the Sheikh Zaid Foundation in this important quality improvement process with the ambition of accrediting the entire Foundation’s division by 2027,” Professor Adil Ababou added.

Major health system reform is underway in Morocco to achieve universal health coverage, increasing its population’s equitable access to high-quality services without causing financial hardship. This commitment means there will be a decrease in patients’ out-of-pocket expenses, an integrated national public health system, and an increase in governance and accountability across all levels of the health system, which will create a healthier Moroccan population.

Accreditation Canada is pleased to collaborate with Sheikh Zaid International University Hospital on this continuous health quality improvement journey.

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