Creative Accreditation Comics Helping to Boost Staff Engagement at Montfort

February 26, 2018

Hôpital Montfort is boosting staff engagement and awareness around the accreditation process with creative and fun comics.

Montfort Accreditation Comic

One of Montfort’s comics on ROPs.

In preparation for its upcoming survey from April 15-20, 2018, Montfort’s Accreditation Committee has been creating fun comics to share with hospital staff and volunteers that draw attention to key components of various Required Organizational Practices (ROPs) such as double identification, fall prevention, and transfer of information at transition points.

“We’ve received great feedback,” says Chantal St-Cyr, Patient Partner Coordinator at Montfort. “Everyone is having fun with it and everyone that we’ve asked to participate are excited to be part of it.”

St-Cyr notes that the idea for these fun communication bulletins came from one of the hospital’s kinesiologists.

She said that initially, the idea was to do a series of short videos, but then the hospital’s Communications team suggested that a series of photos would be more efficient. “We could do more with [photos] and be more efficient with our resources as well,” she says.

Adding some fun to the accreditation process

St-Cyr adds that Montfort wanted to bring a bit more fun to the serious business that is accreditation. “We know that it’s a serious business, but we thought, how do we make people want to learn more about it,” she says.

The short bulletins feature a fun comic with hospital staff members as well as important factual information related to Montfort’s accreditation process.

“We use the cartoons to get the attention of our staff members, our doctors and our volunteers, and then we share information that is relevant to them in the simplest terms,” she says.

Gabrièle Caza-Levert, Communications Advisor at Montfort, notes that the goal with these comics is to feature different hospital departments and professions to get them engaged in the accreditation process.

“We want staff to recognize themselves in the comics,” she says. “We want to include the most people we can in this project.”

Involvement at all levels

She adds that even Montfort’s President and CEO Bernard Leduc has participated.

“We were lucky enough to have our CEO appear in one and a patient partner appear in another. It’s very symbolic of the Patient- and Family-Centred Care approach,” Caza-Levert says.

St-Cyr notes that staff engagement is “very important” to the accreditation process.

Montfort accreditation comic

A holiday-themed accreditation comic.

She says that the accreditation process pushes Montfort to go even further for patients. “It’s a continuous improvement process, but it pushes us to be even better for patients,” she said.

Caza-Levert adds that Montfort’s Accreditation Committee conducts mock surveyor visits to prepare for its accreditation survey, but it also explores other creative options to improve staff engagement such as game show-like games during quality circles.

“By using creative ways to communicate with staff, it increases their engagement in the continuous quality improvement process and encourages their participation in activities related to our accreditation survey,” she says.

She notes that though ROPs and other requirements are a part of the staff’s daily life, they can be difficult to understand as they are written in the Accreditation Guide.

“Personalizing them to our hospital, showing staff what they are already doing well in a fun manner, allows them to better understand how each and every one of them, no matter their role in the organization, is contributing to patient safety and quality of care,” Caza-Levert says.

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*As French is Hôpital Montfort’s official work language, all internal communications including the comics are in French.