International Canada-Belgium partnership for People Powered Health

December 20, 2019

A Belgian Delegation Tours a Long-Term Care Institution in Montreal

On September 24, 2019, a Belgian delegation of 30 senior executives from nursing and care homes visited the Angus CHSLD, a Montreal long-term care institution. The purpose of the visit was for executives from both countries to exchange information about the best ways to advance safe, effective and quality care for residents and their families.

Among the delegates was Frédéric Cnocquart of the Centre hospitalier chrétien (Christian Health Centre) in the Liège province. His organization is in the early stages of its accreditation journey with Accreditation Canada and he wanted to speak with our long-standing clients in Canada about their experience with accreditation.

The Canadian health care system has an excellent reputation in Belgium. Many consider the health care sector in Canada to be on the cutting edge of global trends, covering critical aspects of care such as people-centred care and integration of patient partners. It should also be noted that Belgium shares solid, long-lasting bonds with Quebec. The Belgians feel close to the Québécois, both culturally and linguistically. In terms of health care, professionals are not seeking to blindly copy the Canadian model but rather to create an international exchange.

“There are a lot more similarities than differences between Belgium and Quebec,” explained Kirill Kornilov of Accreditation Canada. “We have to do the smart thing and use the expertise that we have in Canada to mobilize global knowledge among members of the French-speaking world and become a centre where health care establishments in Belgium and Quebec can share good practices.”

Accreditation Canada offers an accreditation program that brings together several criteria sought after by Belgian establishments. It is a program based on collaboration and partnership, with effective care plans in place.

The tour ended with a sampling of traditional Canadian dishes—a moment that was very much enjoyed by the Belgian delegation.