Accreditation Ready? 5 Questions to Ask

August 27, 2019

When your organization is considering accreditation as their next step in providing quality care and greater patient safety, there may be lots of questions to navigate, but the first one is often “Are we ready for accreditation?”

In order to assess your organization’s accreditation readiness, and to determine whether it is time to embark on this journey, here are five useful questions to help you gauge where you stand.

1. How familiar is your organization with quality improvement?

One of the benefits of accreditation is that it highlights areas of excellence as well as gaps in the programs and services your organization offers. That said, quality improvement is a huge driver for accreditation. Your organization’s familiarity with quality improvement and its place in your strategic plan will determine how streamlined the accreditation process will be for your staff, clinical and other.

2. Does your executive team support accreditation?

Accreditation requires leadership and direction, so that all levels of the organization can pull together to make necessary adjustments to programs, practices and processes. The executive team is responsible for coordinating the accreditation process and ensuring that all staff understand their role in achieving accreditation.

3. Do you have policies and procedures in place at your organization?

Accreditation is about improving patient safety and providing greater quality care. These principles translate into best practices, which are reinforced by clear policies and procedures. That means that an important part of accreditation requires assessing the policies and procedures in place to determine whether they are suitable for your organization’s context and optimal for your patients and clients. If policies aren’t in place, then they must be established to support the accreditation-driven goals.

4. Do staff and employees follow your organization’s policies and procedures?

Compliance with standards and the cohesion of staff in best practices are key components of achieving accreditation success. Your organization should have a clear culture of patient safety and quality improvement. In other words, your staff need to understand your policies and procedures and know how to apply them daily.

5. Are there human resources set aside in your work plan for accreditation or quality improvement?

Accredited organizations share time and again that accreditation is both a learning curve and a time-consuming process. They’ve shared how grateful they were to dedicate resources, even a small number, to achieving accreditation; it’s essential to set your organization up for success by setting aside human resources to implement accreditation. It doesn’t have to be an important allocation of time or resources, but it should be proportional to your organization size and level of accreditation. A small organization preparing for a Primer may only need one internal project coordinator. Accreditation Canada remains available to each client and potential client to answer questions and offer tailored guidance during the entire process.

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