Accreditation is Key to Opening Lines of Communication with Patients and Families: Ayre Manor Residential Care

June 21, 2018

Ayre Manor Residential Care

Ayre Manor Residential Care

Accreditation process is key to opening up lines of communication between staff and patients and families, says Marg Elliot, Accreditation Coordinator at Ayre Manor Residential Care.

 “[The accreditation process] has really served to open up the lines of communication between everyone – the community, the staff, families, administrators – everybody,” Elliot says.

 Located in Sooke, B.C., the smaller Ayre Manor facility is celebrating its tenth anniversary and recently underwent Accreditation Canada (AC)’s introductory Primer Accreditation program.

 “We’re very excited about it,” Elliot says. “We’re making it a community effort, with our tenth anniversary as well as our accreditation.”

 She adds that Ayre Manor announced their accreditation process on a large sign at Sooke Elementary School.

 Elliot notes that as the sign is located on a main route that leads in and out of the small community of Sooke, it was a great way to create awareness about the accreditation process. “We want to make sure that the community is aware,” she said.

 Elliot says that as Ayre Manor is funded by Island Health, it is required to become accredited.

 She says however, that the accreditation process and the establishment of the Accreditation Committee have brought all staff members together; from the Board, to nurses, to housekeeping, and others.

 “There was no other opportunity before for us really, where we’ve had a committee like this,” Elliot says. “Now, everybody is playing a role in the process.”

 Linda Quigley, Director of Care at Ayre Manor, notes that the accreditation process has helped the organization update and organize its policies.

 Quigley adds that the accreditation process has pushed Ayre Manor to put together a more formal Policy Manual.

 “There were a lot of outdated policies and other policies that were understood, but not written down,” she says. “So, that’s the number one thing that has stood out for me. It’s been a really good experience.”

Manor Minutes

Manor Minutes Newsletter

 She adds that the accreditation process has also driven the improvement of an information booklet that is provided to residents and their families upon admission.

 “We’ve updated it, as we realized that it was lacking in information related to the decision-making process,” Quigley says. “It now brings all the information that they need to know forward, and it encourages them to participate in things such as monthly Family Council meetings and yearly Care Conferences.”

 Quigley notes that as 90 per cent of Ayre Manor’s residents have some form of dementia, collaboration occurs with family members.

 “By encouraging them to participate more, it will bring us closer together and it will be advantageous for both the family members and the residents,” she says.

 Ayre Manor is a facility with 94 staff members offering 31 residential care beds, as well as 18 independent living cottages, 25 assisted living suites, and two hospice beds. It is currently undergoing accreditation for its residential care services.

 “It seemed like a big task at first,” Elliot says. “I’m amazed at how well the staff, the families, the administrative team and the Board have all worked together. It’s been a wonderful opportunity.”

Quigley adds that Ayre Manor only has four administrative staff members who are organizing the accreditation process in addition to their regular tasks.

 “For us to be successful, and still do all of the tasks that we are supposed to do, it’s phenomenal,” she says.

 Ayre Manor’s accreditation survey will take place from Nov. 28-30, 2018.

 “We’re a very small community here in Sooke,” Elliot adds. “To have everyone involved in the accreditation process, and sort of upping our game as it were, it’s pretty exciting for all of us.”

 Do you want to become accredited? Get in touch with us today and an accreditation specialist will help guide you along your own quality improvement journey. You can also read more accreditation success stories on our website.