AC Invites You To Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day – June 21!

June 21, 2019

National Indigenous Peoples Day 2019
Explore your local #NIPDCanada activities!

Inaugurated in 1996 to raise awareness and celebrate the various indigenous cultures in Canada, National Indigenous Peoples Day coincides with the first day of summer, on June 21. This year marks the 23rd edition of the festival. June is also recognized as Indigenous History Month.

Around Ottawa, and across the country, there are several festivals, pow-wows, dances, drumming and singing, as well as storytelling events to mark the day. We encourage you to visit at least one of these events to connect with fellow Canadians who happily share their rich culture and history with anyone keen to learn. The APTN also broadcasts Indigenous Day Live annually for those who like to tune in.

Did you know? Though it isn’t a national holiday, it is a paid statutory holiday in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

As our way to celebrate some of over our hundred indigenous Accreditation Canada (AC) clients, Health Standards Organization and AC will share some articles that feature these clients on social media, but there are many, many more!

In fact, Brenda Emerson, Client Engagement Coordinator with AC, had this to share about the organization’s work with indigenous clients.

“We have been working with indigenous communities across Canada since 1999. The communities offer a wide variety of health care services, such as addiction services, community health and wellness, home care, long-term care, remote and isolated services and acute care. It is an honour to work with indigenous communities, supporting them in their ongoing quality improvement, that is grounded in their own culture, values and traditions.”

In order to share your experiences exploring activities for National Indigenous Peoples Day, we encourage you to use the established hashtag #NIPDCanada with your photos and posts and of course, tag us to let us know about your cultural adventures.

To find our more about the official activities of the day, visit the Government of Canada website.