6 Ways to Get Staff and the Community Engaged in Accreditation

July 17, 2017

Staff EventEver struggled to get your co-workers enthusiastic about your accreditation journey? Have you wondered how to get your team more engaged in the process?

Here are six ways to help you create awareness and get your team motivated:

Offer snacks

Whether they are store-bought or homemade, snacks will always draw people to you, especially if they are in need of a little afternoon pick-me-up. Think of things people typically enjoy such as cupcakes or a bit of candy. Another popular choice is popcorn – it’s hard to resist and can be healthier alternative. (Just go light on the salt and butter!)

Offering some type of snack invites people to come to you and creates an opportunity to talk to them about your accreditation process, why it’s important, and how they can play a role in your organization’s success. One accreditation coordinator tells us she had great success with jelly beans matching the colours of her organization’s logo!

Hold an accreditation-themed event

Take it outside! Hold a barbecue or a picnic as well as games where people can easily learn about accreditation. A fun atmosphere draws people in, making it easier for you to engage with staff members, patients, family members and even the broader public.

You could follow Louis Brier Home & Hospital’s lead. Located in Vancouver, B.C., Louis Brier Home & Hospital held an outdoor accreditation event in May with a fairground theme. Staff members and the public were invited to take part in games about accreditation, win prizes and enjoy fair-themed food such as popcorn and cotton candy.

Take accreditation team meetings off-site

Here’s a twist on an outdoor event. Sometimes, all people need is a small change of scenery to boost their creativity and motivation. Head over to a nearby park or go to a local coffee shop. You could start with a fun team activity, then leverage the positive energy you create to get down to business.

Recognize staff efforts

Set up a board in a public location at your facility where you can share photos and anecdotes, and highlight staff members whose efforts are key to the success of your accreditation process. This is an easy, cost-efficient way to drive public awareness and recognize your co-workers’ efforts. If you want, you can take staff recognition a step further by creating accreditation-related awards or by giving out prizes.

Go social

Social media offers easy and cost-efficient ways to drive public awareness about your accreditation process and engage with a broader, online community.

You can post photos, anecdotes and staff shout-outs on your organization’s social media platforms. Ask your followers about accreditation. Share interesting facts, and why accreditation is important. Respond to comments and questions you receive.

You can also encourage staff members to like and share your posts within their own networks.

Celebrate your achievement

Once you receive your accreditation, make sure to celebrate your success publicly.

Post your Accreditation Certificate on your public board. Call a news conference, put out a press release and share your success on social media. Encourage staff members to like and share your post. You can also consider holding a special, celebratory event such as a barbecue that staff members, patients and their families can attend. Whichever way you choose to celebrate is up to you. Just make sure to let everyone know you’ve been accredited.

Each of these ideas is an opportunity to explain how the accreditation process improves care quality and patient safety. Using criteria around Infection Prevention and Medication Reconciliation can help drive home the most concrete benefits of accreditation, and its value.

Have you done something else to get people involved and engaged in your accreditation process? Share your ideas with us. Connect with us on Twitter through @AccredCanada or find us on LinkedIn.