5 Reasons to be an AC Surveyor

July 25, 2018

Did you know that Accreditation Canada (AC) works with more than 500 surveyors in Canada and abroad?

AC is constantly building its comprehensive, world-class pool of surveyors, which includes experts from all parts of the health ecosystem as well as patients and families.

Surveyors help to ensure that care is safe and efficient for those who matter most – patients and their families.

Do safe and efficient health care and social services matter to you? Do you want to help shape the future of these services in Canada and around the world? Discover five reasons you should be a surveyor for AC:

1. Give back to the care community:


Accreditation Canada Surveyors

This is an opportunity to be a leader. As an experienced health professional or patient, you have valuable knowledge to share.

As an AC surveyor, you will work closely with organizations who are being accredited, which allows you to share best practices and lessons that you have learned along the way.

With your expertise, you can help guide organizations towards the highest quality of care they can provide.

2. Be part of a valuable professional network:

As a surveyor, you become part of an important network of people who are dedicated to working together to improve health care and social services in Canada and abroad.

“The health network that you create by being part of this team is exceptional,” says Mike Nader, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer at the University Health Network (UHN), and a surveyor for AC. “I’ve learned from so many great people about the way they are doing things and how they are addressing the challenges.”

Ed Mantler, who is also a surveyor for AC and Vice-President, Programs and Priorities at the Mental Health Commission of Canada, notes that being part of AC’s surveyor team is a valuable learning experience.

“It was so enlightening and informative,” Mantler says. “I learned so much through the preparation for the survey, but also from surveyors, through their comments, the discussions, the survey and the report.”

3. Be able to better assist your own organization:

As a surveyor, you will participate on surveys in various locations and in various sizes of organizations. This allows you to better learn from your peers.

By surveying different organizations, you can learn about how they are working towards ongoing quality improvement.

This is an opportunity to learn about best practices and successful initiatives that are helping to move the quality and safety needle forward.

This is valuable information that you can then take back to your own organization.

4. Learn more about the accreditation process:

As a surveyor for AC, you will receive training, enabling you to better understand the accreditation process and its requirements.

With this in-depth knowledge, you will be able to better prepare your own organization for accreditation and be able to guide other organizations through the accreditation process.

5. Be a change leader:

AC and HSO are People Powered. Together, they are creating a movement, seeking to unleash the power and potential of people around the world who share our passion for achieving quality health services for all.

Together, AC and HSO are focusing on the people who power health systems: patients, providers, and policy-makers. We are taking a person-centred approach to the design of assessment programs, standards, and products.

As a surveyor, you will be helping us to implement this approach, and improve quality and safety for those who matter most; patients and their families.

AC surveys and accredits various types of organizations, from small health centres to entire health systems.

Do you want to make a difference, and help organizations improve quality and safety? Get in touch with our surveyor team.