Hospital Accreditation

Hospitals today are faced with a variety of challenges which can include an increased demand for services, decreasing budgets, and a lack of available beds, among others. Accreditation Canada works to help hospitals make the most of their resources and manage costs.

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Qmentum International Accreditation Program for Hospitals

Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum International program supports the development of a sustainable culture of safety and quality improvement that becomes core to your organization. This drives quality improvement and patient safety to the benefit of patients, families, staff, stakeholders, and the community.

The Qmentum International Accreditation Program for Hospitals allows organizations to assess a broad range of services, such as governance, leadership, infection control and prevention, inpatient services, and more.

Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum International  program is comprehensive, looking at quality and safety throughout the organization, beyond the program and service level.

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