HSO & AC Release 2017 Highlights

April 26, 2018

2017 marked a new beginning for Health Standards Organization (HSO) and its affiliate, Accreditation Canada (AC).

In 2017, HSO officially launched, building world-class standards, new technologies, and activation services to help people around the world achieve quality health and social services. HSO now offers more than 100 standards that have been developed with clinicians, experts, patients and families.

Also, in 2017, AC worked with 500 peer surveyors to expand our presence to 30 countries and complete 247 accreditation surveys. AC now accredits more than 7,000 health and social services sites across five continents.

HSO and AC are working together to put people at the centre of everything we do. Together, we are working to unleash the power and potential of people around the world who share our passion for achieving quality health services for all.

Want to learn more about what we accomplished in 2017? Explore our 2017 Year in Review website.