Accreditation Canada Signs First Client in Tunisia: Clinique La Rose

November 13, 2017

(Tunis, Tunisia) – Accreditation Canada is committed to unleashing the power and potential of people who share our passion for quality health services for all. Today, Accreditation Canada, supported by our partner Foster & Little, is pleased to announce its first client in Tunisia.

Clinique La Rose is a multidisciplinary private hospital with more than 250 experts. The hospital is a 110-bed facility that boasts state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools representing medical disciplines including surgery, gynecology, radiology, Procréation Médicalement Assistée (PMA), aesthetics and emergencies.

“We are delighted to be the first client for Accreditation Canada in Tunisia” said M. Kais Zhioua, Directeur Stratégique et Innovation, Clinique La Rose. “We chose Accreditation Canada based on its international reputation for providing exemplary service based on world-class standards and we are thrilled to embark on a journey towards optimizing patient safety and care.”

“We are committed to supporting Clinique La Rose on their quality improvement journey that will provide tangible benefits from reducing risk to enhancing patient safety,” said Katerina Tarasova, Executive Director, International at Accreditation Canada.

“Many Tunisian clinics have the capacity to deliver quality services to patients from all walks of life. Accreditation should enable them to make these skills better known,” said M. Jean-Louis Festeraerts, Managing Director, Foster & Little. “On our side, with our partner IMS, we are committed to supporting the clinics in their accreditation journey.”

Accreditation Canada is dedicated to working with patients, providers, and policy makers to improve the quality of health and social services for all. We are bringing the best of health care from around the world together. From the standards we use, to the frontline assessments we conduct and everything in between, patients and families are full partners in what we do.



Katerina Tarasova
Executive Director, International
Accreditation Canada
613-738-3800 ext. 387

Accreditation Canada: With more than 50 years of experience working with health care providers and community groups to understand what is needed to make health systems work better, Accreditation Canada plans and provides accreditation services to Canada and international clients, helping people focus on what matters to them in their local context. Along with innovative assessment programs and responsive activation tools, the world-class standards upon which our accreditation programs are built to enable people in their local jurisdictions do what they do best: save and improve lives. With nearly 1600 clients covering more than 7000 sites in more than 50 jurisdictions around the world, we are proud to work with health and social service organizations of all types and sizes. Let’s unleash your organization’s power and potential, together!  For more information: @AccredCanada @AgrementCanada 

 Foster & Little: Accreditation is an essential project for both hospitals and clinics. The stakes are high: better management of patients, improvement of quality and safety, motivation of employees, affirmation of the reputation of the institution, attraction for local and foreign patients combined with better cost control. But this approach often involves significant changes and for this, support is often required to succeed this challenge. Foster & Little, Accreditation Canada’s partner in many countries, offers a variety of solutions to support the Accreditation process.

 Clinique La Rose: Clinique La Rose ( is a multidisciplinary private clinic with more than 250 collaborators, which has a medical-technical platform equipped with the most efficient diagnostic and treatment tools allowing it to ensure an adequate professional environment, guaranteeing the best working conditions and efficiency. The clinic is ideally sized for the Tunisian market, with 110 beds. Different medical disciplines are represented in different areas: surgery, gynecology, radiology, PMA, aesthetics and emergencies. Clinique la Rose ensures the excellence of care and care for its patients, through certain values ​​that are professionalism, humanism and respect for human life. Investing in scientific research and knowledge transfer is one of our pillars. We ensure for our doctors as well as our patients access to the latest techniques and medical advances.