Resources for Health Service Providers

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Guide to Choosing Your Accrediting Body (PDF)

Understand the key criteria you should consider when looking for an accrediting body to improve quality and safety in your organization.

This interactive evaluation worksheet will guide you through the selection process and help you determine which accrediting body best suits your needs.


Introduction to Health Care Accreditation (Webinar Recording)

Understand the key steps involved in becoming an accredited health services organization. This webinar recording will help you plan out your accreditation journey and ensure you have all of the pieces in place to get started on your path to better patient safety and quality outcomes.

What’s covered:

  • Accreditation overview
  • Key terminology, processes and timelines
  • The on-site survey and what to expect
  • Next steps

The Journey to Quality: Creating a Culture of Quality Improvement (PDF)

These three guides will help you understand accreditation and learn more about what’s included in the standards specific to your specialty:

  • Creating a culture of quality improvement for dental health
  • Creating a culture of quality improvement for paramedicine and interfacility transport
  • Creating a culture of quality improvement for assistive reproductive technology (ART) (Available in Spanish)

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