International Products and Services

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Make Integrity, Respect & Innovation The Foundation of Your Health Care Systems

Canada’s top talent—and international medical experts from around the globe—have developed Accreditation Canada's comprehensive standards to offer the world’s best practices, and most relevant health care quality improvement measures to your facility.

  • Start your accreditation journey with basic Gold compliance and elevate your QI achievement to Platinum and Diamond accreditation.
  • Boost your quality improvement and accreditation know-how with education and advice from International Practitioners. 
  • Explore your accreditation options, without commitment, to make a well-informed decision. 
  • Learn how quality improvement has worked for others, like you, who’ve already completed the accreditation process.

Build On The Good Work You’ve Already Done & Follow The Process To Earn Accreditation Levels

Whether you’re a small facility or a multi-site organization, Accreditation Canada recognizes the hard work you’re doing to implement better patient care practices.  Each of the 3 Qmentum International accreditation levels incorporate Required Organizational Practices (ROP) reviewed every two years to enhance your patient/client safety and minimize risk. Accreditation Canada’s accreditation program is driven by international discourse on health care governance and service standards.