International Healthcare Improvement

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You Don’t Have To Figure Out Accreditation & Quality Improvement Measures On Your Own

Whether or not you commit to an accreditation program, education and guidance on your quality improvement journey can be the difference between successful implementation and a do-over.

Affordable, Flexible Learning Opportunities To Help Your Quality Improvement Initiatives

Rely on personalized guidance, online, and face-to-face hands-on training, internationally available to:

  1. Start Improving Patient Safety Processes: Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the quality improvement care language and speak with people who’ve experienced the process. See and listen to ways your peers have overcome the real life health care challenges you face every day. 
  2. Guide your Accreditation Path: Qmentum International (QI) accreditation clients can attend multi-disciplinary workshops to complete interactive exercises with other health care professionals, to help you work through the accreditation process. Plus, expert advisory offerings support your quality improvement plan development and implementation to ensure your hard work comes to fruition.