International Education Offerings

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Access Quality Improvement Education: Wherever You Are, In The Language You Speak

Health improvement education is available to accreditation clients and to those not yet on the Accreditation Pathway.

During sessions, health care experts introduce best practices and help you ensure sustainability in your quality improvement plans, such as how to communicate your improvement measures.

Choose how you want to participate.

Take advantage of open enrollment or tailored on-site sessions. Your team can join education sessions:

  1. Via live video conferences, teleconferences, study tours and/or webcasts so you don’t have to travel for health care quality improvement education;
  2. In English or the language you speak (by multi-lingual facilitators or through simultaneous interpretation) so you comprehend all information, and;
  3. As a single or a group of sessions packaged around a specific theme, so you get in-depth knowledge about a topic that addresses your unique situation.

Learn how to meet the expectations and requirements of diverse health care environments world-wide. Accrediation Canada also offers jointly developed education sessions delivered in partnership with leading organizations such as Canadian Patient Safety Institute and HealthCareCAN.

Training Related to Accreditation

Accreditation-related training programs are available to your organization to increase staff awareness and knowledge of the standards, tools and processes of accreditation program. Besides helping you develop the necessary structures and spread the improvements across your organization, these sessions also bring a common language to your staff, which facilitates communication and better sharing and achieving of objectives.

Courses Offered Duration  Language
Introduction to Qmentum International™ 1/2 Day En, Fr, It, Sp
Qmentum International™ for Leaders 1/2 Day En, Fr, It
Qmentum International™ for Self-Assessment Teams 1 Day En, Fr, It, Sp
Exploring Tracer Methodology 1 Day En, Fr
Patient Safety and Required Organizational Practices 2 Days En, It, Sp
Patient Safety: Safety Culture 1 Day En
ROP Module: Falls Prevention Strategy 1/2 Day En
ROP Module: Adverse Events Reporting 1/2 Day En
ROP Module: Medication Reconciliation 1 Day En
Leading Change 2 Days En
Policies and Procedures and Evidence Based Clinical Resources 2 Days En
Advancing Quality through Measurement 2 Days En
Health Care Accreditation Professional 5 Days En, Fr, Pt

Contact us about training related to accreditation.

Specialized Training

Accreditation Canada Specialized Training Programs are the right choice for you if you’re looking to improve current practices ranging from teamwork, leadership, change management, ethics, risk management, infection control and others. These Specialized Training Programs are developed in collaboration with subject-matter experts and Program partners, and include best practices and hands-on guides to help you convert knowledge into practice.

Training Course Duration Language
Teams in Health Care: Building High Performance Teams 1 Day En
Health Care Leaders of Tomorrow 2 Days En
Supporting Ethical Decision Making in Health Care Organizations 2 Days En, It
Leading Improvement in Patient Safety
*in partnership with CPSI
2 Days En
Physician Engagement in Quality Improvements 2 Days En
Enterprise Risk Management in Health Care Organizations
*in partnership with HealthCareCAN
2 1/2 Days En
Foundations to Infection Prevention and Control
*in partnership with IPAC Canada
3 Days En
Organizational Development Program* - Courses Duration Language
Accreditation Canada and LEADS Canada bring you a suite of education sessions focused on advancing the talents and skills of health care professionals in leadership roles. The following five sessions can be combined to form a comprehensive program suited to the needs of leaders in your organization. 
A Strengths-Based Approach to Leadership Development 1 Day  En
 Effective Communication for Engaging Others in Conversation 1 Day En
Growing Quality Through the Lens of Leadership 1 Day En
Mobilizing Knowledge for Innovation and Change 1 Day En

Contact us about specialized training.