Improve the quality and safety of health and social services in Canada and around the world

Are you a member of the public? Below are ways you can get involved:

1. Ask your health or social service provider about accreditation

The number one thing you can to influence quality care is to ask your providers (health clinics, retirement homes, home care providers, etc.) what measures are in place to support quality and safety.

Are they accredited? If the answer is yes, it means they’ve made the decision to invest time and effort into continuous quality improvement, and they are committed to putting patients first.

If they answer no, find out why, and if accreditation is important to you, let them know.


2. Apply to join an HSO Technical Committee

Our affiliate, HSO, is seeking patients, family members and community members to join technical committees. Technical committees are the groups that oversee and provide input on the development of the health and social service standards HSO develops, which are then implemented by client organizations of Accreditation Canada.

Learn more about HSO Technical Committees →

3. Become a Patient Surveyor

Surveyors are the people who visit and assess organizations undergoing accreditation. This visit is called the survey.

This diverse group includes people who work in the medical field as well as those who have lived experience with health and social services. Accreditation Canada is putting patients first by starting to involve patients in the assessment process.

View surveyor opportunities →

4. Provide Feedback

If you have a question about accreditation or an organization we accredit, or have feedback on a recent experience related to accreditation, we’ve love to hear from you.

Provide feedback →

5. Work with Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada and its affiliate HSO are actively hiring people for a variety of roles.

View career opportunities →

6. Join the conversation online

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