Report a Complaint/Concern Involving an Accreditation Canada Accredited Organization

Accreditation Canada (AC) is committed to working with our client organizations toward continuously improving the quality of health care and social services. Feedback/suggestions, complaints/concerns, are recognized as opportunities to improve services.

Accreditation Canada addresses complaints/concerns that relate to issues within the scope of our Standards. The complaint/concern must reflect that the organization is not meeting criteria within our Standards including, but not limited to, infection prevention control, communication with patients and families.

Mediating or investigating complaints is not within the parameters of AC.

Note: This policy applies to Accreditation Canada (AC) only. AC Diagnostics and Proficiency Testing processes for complaints and appeals are accessible through these links: AC Diagnostics Process – Complaint and Appeal Investigation; Proficiency Testing Process – Investigation of PT Complaint and Appeal.

Parameters for acknowledging and responding to complaints:

When the complaint involves an organization accredited by AC and is not related to:

a) the individual practice of a health care professional (legal jurisdiction exists for this type of concern under the appropriate regulatory body)

b) situations where Provincial Legislation exists to address the issue

c) situations where legal action has been initiated against the client organization

When responding to complaints, AC’s role is to ensure that:

a) the complaint is sent to the client organization by AC, with complainant’s permission.

b) the client organization has a policy and procedure to address client complaints

c) feedback is received from the client organization within 4–6 weeks that they have made progress on the complaint.

d) the complainant is communicated to that we have received confirmation from the organization that their concerns have been addressed.

e) all involved AC teams are kept informed as required and all information relating to the complaint is added to the organization’s file and available for future reference and accreditation surveys.

Complete the form below to:

    • Submit a complaint/concern involving an AC Accredited Organization. Your consent to share your written complaint/concern with the organization will be required. In the message, please include:
      • Location where the concern or event occurred (required), i.e., full name of organization, organization’s full street address, city, country.
      • Description of concern or event (required), i.e., date of concern or event, and a brief narrative describing the incident. Please do not include medical record information. (AC cannot accept copies of medical records, photos or billing invoices and other related personal information. These documents will be shredded upon receipt to protect personal information.)

Submit feedback/suggestion involving an AC Accredited Organization. Your consent to share your written feedback/suggestion with the organization will be required.

  • Request information about AC programs and services.
  • Submit a general inquiry.
What to do with concerns/complaints outside of the scope of AC
  • Contact the organization directly about your concern.
  • Contact your jurisdiction’s government body responsible for overseeing health services.
Feedback and Suggestions

AC welcomes feedback/suggestions regarding our programs, products, or services. The most responsible department will respond within a reasonable timeframe at the point of service. If you are an accredited organization or surveyor with AC, please identify as such in your feedback/suggestion.