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International Certificate for Quality in Telehealth

The global pandemic is driving continued demand for virtual health care delivery – with a growing need for meaningful yet easy-to-implement international standards that optimize safe, efficient, and accessible patient care.

The International Certificate for Quality in Telehealth gives health care organizations the tools to meet consumer demands for quality, while demonstrating global excellence. Leveraging technical expertise harnessed from around the world, the certificate – achievable within one-year – builds rigor into virtual health care delivery.

Available to organizations located outside of Canada

Program Benefits


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About the International Certificate for Quality in Telehealth

Accreditation Canada recognizes that health care organizations worldwide are making strides to create meaningful patient partnerships using virtual tools and technology. We also recognize the growing need amongst today’s health care professionals for standard practices in telehealth to promote continuous quality improvement that enhances the patient experience, optimizes service delivery and aligns to international quality best practice.

This certification program assesses organizations based on relevant criteria and includes a comprehensive educational session to support virtual health care professionals on their quality journey.

Program Benefits

Build capacity


Enhance organizational efficiency through a patient-focused assessment manual that outlines key criteria for the organization

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Ensure the inclusion of critical practices to ensure privacy, confidentiality and security for patients and their information, including criteria around ethical practice

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Improve outcomes through standardized processes that support both teams, patients and their families

Continuous Improvement

Implement a framework for ongoing quality improvement


Keep patients engaged in their care through people-centred care criteria that support continuity across all practices

Patient Safety Incident

Elicit confidence and reduce risk by identifying and addressing potential incidences


The process to achieve certification is as follows:


Program Enrollment  
  • Introduction to a dedicated Health Care Advisor and Project Officer who will support you throughout the program
  • Teleconferences to prepare and schedule the education session
  • Access to software and instruments as well as the telehealth assessment manual
Education Session – Month 1
  • Half-day session on the process of certification
  • Introduction to telehealth criteria and key fundamentals for quality improvement
  • Assessment manual
  • Continued advisory support
Virtual Assessment – Month 6-12
  • Preparatory teleconferences in advance of the online assessment survey
  • Review of organizational practices including interviews with team member and patients
  • Pre- and post-assessment meetings to fully debrief on key findings
  • Follow-up teleconference to review the report and results
Award – Upon Successful Completion (Valid for 2 years)
  • International recognition, following adherence to required criteria, an award and banner to demonstrate your achievement
Long-Term – Accreditation
  • Organizations with additional services beyond telehealth may opt for a full accreditation with fast-track options upon completing this certificate

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About Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada is a not-for-profit organization that accredits health organizations in Canada and around the world. Its comprehensive accreditation program uses evidence-based standards and a rigorous peer-review process to foster ongoing quality improvement.

Accreditation Canada has been helping organizations improve health care quality and patient safety for more than 60 years