Accreditation Canada surveyors share your passion for quality improvement and person-centred care – a passion for achieving quality care for all.

Each of our surveyors is deeply committed to unleashing the power and potential of people within your organization.

Each wants to help your people do what they do best: save and improve lives.







It’s why hundreds of surveyors devote tens of thousands of hours each year poring over documents, visiting sites, and observing how things are going on the front lines.

It’s why they lend their time, talents and experience to make recommendations you can turn into real action.

Our surveyors are at your disposal to be your greatest resources. Be your best by accessing our best.

Whether you are looking for peers’ perspectives, completely fresh eyes, specific clinical specialists, administrative experts or more:

  • We can assemble a survey team that’s right for your organization.
  • If you’re open to it, we will pair them with trained patient surveyors for lived experience expertise.

Beyond accreditation:

  • We can connect you with the best experts to help you meet your specific quality improvement goals.
  • We can deploy tracer tools and other assessments to track real patients and real results.

It’s a vital and valuable perspective you can only get with Accreditation Canada.

From the smallest of organizations to entire health systems serving millions of people, Accreditation Canada can plan a survey that’s just right, just for you.

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Accreditation supports our goal of providing a patient-focused, quality health system that is accessible and sustainable for all [residents of our province]. We appreciate ongoing our collaboration to ensure we are a leader in quality and patient safety.


Meet Some of Our Star Surveyors

Donald Haineault

Donald Haineault

Donald Haineault is director of nursing at the busy CIUSSS (health and social service network) in Centre-South Island of Montréal, Quebec. He brings 30 years of experience, including 17 years as a senior administrator, to each survey. He brings a deep understanding of health networks and a passion for clinical excellence to Accreditation Canada survey teams. M. Haineault has been a surveyor since 2012.

Elaine Allison

Elaine Allison

Elaine Allison’s 34 years of nursing experiences includes 17 years in health management at a First Nation within Nova Scotia. She has worked in remote (fly-in) communities and busy hospital settings, including intensive care and surgical units. Ms. Allison led the Wagamatock First Nation Health Centre at which she works to accreditation with exemplary standing.

Brent Friesen

Brent Friesen

Dr. Brent Friesen has worked at senior levels in Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Alberta, where he is currently Provincial Lead Medical Officer for Safe & Health Environments at Alberta Health Services. His professional interests include environment health and tobacco reduction. Dr. Friesen has served as an Accreditation Canada surveyor across Canada and internationally since 2000.

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