Qmentum Accreditation Program

Qmentum Accreditation Program


Accreditation Canada works with providers, policy makers and the public to improve the quality and safety of health and social services for all.

We are bringing the best of health care from around the world home, and vice versa.

From the standards we use to the frontline assessments we conduct and everything in between, patients and families are full partners in what we do.

The Qmentum Accreditation Program

  • A Canadian program with a local focus: Accreditation Canada offers a fully-bilingual Canadian-centric accreditation program supported by staff and surveyors who have extensive, lived experience in Canadian healthcare at the regional, provincial and federal level.
  • Recognizing your entire organization: Accreditation Canada’s philosophy of quality improvement is based on the involvement of the entire organization. That’s why we assess all aspect of your organization and provide an accreditation award that recognizes your entire organization and not just a specific program.
  • Over 100 standards: Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum accreditation program is built upon over 100 globally-influenced and jurisdictionally-tailored standards, developed by our affiliate organization, HSO.
  • Able to accredit all your sites: The accreditation program is flexible enough to accredit single site or multi-site organizations. It’s designed to give you overall rating as well as location-specific ratings that allow you to pinpoint areas of strength and opportunities for improvement at the location level regardless of the number of sites you have.
  • Introductory accreditation program: Accreditation Canada offers an introductory Primer program designed specifically to help organizations new to accreditation build resources and capacity, and strengthen basic structures and processes related to quality and safety before moving onto the full accreditation program.
  • Transparent fee structure: Accreditation Canada’s fee structure includes all of the necessary tools, resources and support you need to be successful in your accreditation journey. Unlike many other accreditation bodies, there are no hidden fees.

Standards Development

  • HSO: In February 2017, Accreditation Canada separated standards development from the delivery of accreditation services and created Health Standards Organization (HSO). This separation allows Accreditation Canada to focus on delivering the best accreditation services possible.
  • Robust, relevant and rigorous: Standards are developed through a rigorous, transparent process of planning, research and public review. Technical committees comprised of health service providers, clients and families, subject matter experts and policy makers lead the development of standards content.
  • Unbiased: No special interest group or private entity can influence the content of our standards to their sole benefit

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Accreditation Canada accredits organizations across the entire spectrum of care. We provide accreditation services to more than 1,100 sites across Canada, and many more sites internationally.

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