An optional 12-18 month introductory accreditation program

Note: Accreditation Primer is only available to organizations within Canada. Similar programs are available to organizations outside of Canada. For more information, please contact us.

For some organizations, deciding to participate in accreditation can be a big undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Accreditation Canada is the only accrediting body that offers an introductory accreditation program.

Accreditation Primer helps your organization assess the key areas of quality and safety that every organization must have in place before beginning the Qmentum accreditation program. Primer is the same as full accreditation, except organizations are assessed against a reduced, core set of standards in their first “Primer” cycle.

Successful organizations earn an Accreditation Primer Award, and can display the accreditation banner and use the ‘accredited’ seal for two years. Once accredited with Primer, organizations begin preparing for their next accreditation cycle: the comprehensive Qmentum accreditation program.

How it works

1. Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Through the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, your organization will self-assess based on the Primer standards and prioritize areas requiring further work so they can be addressed prior to the on-site survey. This enables you to focus on areas for improvement that are unique to your organization. Your dedicated Accreditation Specialist will provide you with the information, resources and guidance you need to work through the self-assessment and following steps.

2. On-Site Survey

A team of peer-surveyors will come to your site and evaluate your organization’s clinical and administrative processes, all the way from the leadership level to the care level. The surveyors will talk with and observe patients, families, staff and leadership.

In addition to receiving an objective, third party evaluation of your quality and safety, our peer-based team of accreditation surveyors offer valuable feedback and recommendations based on best practices they’ve seen employed in other organizations across Canada and the world. This is also an opportunity for you to share your own innovative practices with surveyors, who are then able to share what you’ve done on future surveys with other organizations. Learn about our surveyor team.

3. Report and Decision

Following the on-site survey, organizations receive a detailed report that: 1) provides results from the Accreditation Primer and 2) identifies next steps. Organizations that complete the Accreditation Primer are issued an Accreditation Primer Award and “Accredited” status that is valid for 2 years.

Accreditation Primer - Get started with Accreditation sooner

Quickly obtain accredited status

Improve care and service

Increase your chances of success when you transition to the Qmentum accreditation program