Strategy 2022-2026: Safer Care. A Healthier World.

Drawing on lessons learned from the past, insights from the pandemic crisis and emerging trends from around the world, our strategy focuses on the realities of what it will take to improve health care quality as we move into the future. Our bold ambition is to realize the next era of quality improvement, so that together, we can move closer to a vision of safer care and a healthier world.

Our Vision:

Safer Care. A Healthier World.


Empower and enable people around the world to continuously improve quality of care.

Levers of Change

  1. 1. Standards
  2. 2. Assessment Programs
  3. 3. Education and Capacity Building

Strategic Priorities

  • Improve Patient and Workforce Safety
  • Advance Integrated Care
  • Strengthen Health of Communities


  • Empower Our People
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation
  • Ensure Organizational and Financial Resilience


Collaboration is part of our DNA. By working with stakeholders including patients, providers, and policy makers, we can increase our reach and achieve collective impact.


    • Trust: We uphold principles of integrity, independence, evidence, and freedom from bias.
    • Inclusion: We embed diversity of thought, experiences, and talents in everything we do.
    • Collaboration: We co-create and partner with people who are passionate about improving quality of care for all.
    • Innovation: We bring imagination and foresight in our discovery of new ways to deliver value.
    • Learning: We embrace the journey of continuous learning and adapt to our changing environment.

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